Mind the Gap

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Mind the Gap is a pre-intermediate collection of three short stories which take place in London.

In the first story, Sophie, a French teacher from Paris, comes to London for a job interview. But, once in London, she loses her bag. Will she find the person who has her bag so that she can catch her train back to Paris?

In the second story, Max sees a beautiful woman waiting for a train on the Underground. She’s not taking the same train as he is, but he wants to meet her. What will he do? Will he jump on her train or let her go and never see her again?

In the third story, a couple visit a jewellery shop in Camden Town. They decide not to buy anything and leave. But then, the shopkeeper accuses them of stealing some rings. Did they steal the rings? Will they find the thief before the police arrest them?

Please check the Amazon store in your country. This book is available in 13 countries.