Books: The English Easy Readers series

The English Easy Readers series are easy English stories for learning English. A glossary at the end of each book defines words in the story that may be difficult for you. Although easy English books – also known as graded readers – were originally written for native speaker children, they now exist for teenagers and adults who want to learn English. They are widely available and deal with topics more relevant to mature language learners.
Easy readers may be adapted from literary classics or they can be original stories written at an appropriate language level. Even though easy readers use simplified language, they do not lack narrative depth or complex themes. In fact, they cover the same range of themes as books written for native speakers.

Easy Readers are ideal tools for extensive reading. Extensive reading is reading for enjoyment at a comfortable level of comprehension. Extensive reading reinforces your vocabulary and grammar and develops your general reading skills and fluency in a foreign language. It is not meant to be hard work. There are no tests at the end of these books. Read these easy readers as you would read a book in your mother tongue.

The books follow the guidelines set out by the Common European Framework Of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to ensure that it is written at the correct level for you.

The levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:
A1 – Beginner
A2 – Elementary
B1 – Pre-intermediate
B2 – Intermediate
C1 – Advanced
C2 – Proficient

Choose a reader at your level and read. It’s as simple as that!