Interactive Library

The Interactive Library will give you the opportunity to :
  • Read fiction and non-fiction English at different levels
  • Listen to the stories in English
  • Learn new vocabulary, reinforce your grammar, practise pronunciation and gain fluency
  • Improve your reading and listening skills
  • Read for pleasure and have fun while learning!
A library is a wonderful resource for learning and everyone should have one at home. But, sometimes it’s difficult to find books you can read in English. You’ll find links on my book page to Amazon where you can buy my full-length books with word lists in Kindle or paperback format, or you can practise reading right here in the Interactive Library with short texts.

There are different levels of texts in the library :

  • Beginner – A1
  • Elementary – A2
  • Intermediate – B1
  • Upper-intermediate – B2
  • Advanced – C1
  • Proficient – C2

There are also different types of texts in the library :

  • short, illustrated stories with a word list at the end
  • the same story at different levels with no word lists

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Happy reading,