Thinking Outside the Box – A2

Level: A2 - Elementary

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A Japanese shopkeeper called Emon owed money to the bank, but he couldn’t pay. The owner of the bank had an idea.
“Your daughter Airi is very beautiful,” said the banker. “Tell her to marry me and I will forget your debt.”
The shopkeeper was upset. The banker was an ugly man and he was too old for the young woman. Airi refused but the banker said, “If you don’t marry me, I will send your father to prison.”
The young woman began crying. The banker said to Emon, “I will put a black stone and a white stone into a paper bag. Your daughter must close her eyes and pick up a stone. If she picks up the white stone, she can go home and I will forget the money. But, if she picks up the black stone, she must marry me and you must pay me.”
Emon was sad. He put his hands over his eyes. “What must I do?” he thought.
The banker picked up two stones from the path and put them into a paper bag. Airi saw that the two stones were black. The banker was not an honest man!
“I will play the game,” Airi said to her father.
Airi put her hand into the paper bag and chose a stone. As she took her hand out of the bag, she dropped the stone onto the path. There were lots of black and white stones. Which stone was Airi’s stone? It was impossible to know.
“Oh, I’m so sorry!” said Airi. “I always drop things.”
The banker was angry. He looked at Airi and her father. He opened his mouth to speak but Airi stopped him.
“It’s not a problem,” she said. “Look inside the bag. There’s a black stone in the bag. So, I chose the white one. I can go home and you will forget my father’s money!”
*to think creatively